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  1. Note di rilascio: Adds support for new YouTrack API. v7.9.4.0 Updated May 26, 2021 Features Added support for GitLab and GitHub integrated bug trackers. v7.9.2.0 Updated Feb 9, 2021 Features Added the ability to merge includes and generics. Added the ability to remove ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  2. Note di rilascio: Adds support for YouTrack plus Global resource tracking. v7.8.2.82 Updated Jun 21, 2020 Features Added support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney. v7.8.2.39 Updated May 8, 2020 Features Added support for FastMM 5. v7.8.2.11 RC1 Updated Mar 10, 2020 Features ... Per saperne di più

  3. Note di rilascio: Updates in v7.7.8.2 Fixed: [Regression] Abstract error in TThreadEx / sending. Fixed: [Regression] Adjusted sending timeouts. Fixed: [Regression] Adding / removing EUREKALOG symbol to / from conditional defines for packages; please note that issue is ... Per saperne di più