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    Caratteristiche: This rule replaces the standard output (System.out, System.err, printStackTrace) statements with logger statements when possible. In addition, jSparrow checks if in each catch statement a log statement is present. If there is no log statement, jSparrow ... Per saperne di più Visualizza altri risultati di questo prodotto

  2. Caratteristiche: With jSparrow for Eclipse you can go through the list of changes before applying the rules. After confirming the selected rules, the preview window is displayed. This window displays changes for each rule, for one rule at a time. ... Per saperne di più

  3. Caratteristiche: Each refactoring is a rule. jSparrow offers more than 50 rules that you can select, group and share as profiles. You are in control over the aspects you like to change in your projects. ... Per saperne di più