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    Descrizione: Generate various permission reports to improve SharePoint management. SharePoint Permission Report provides a simple and efficient way to generate different types of permission reports. Administrators can generate reports based on account, permission ... Per saperne di più

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    Note di rilascio: Adds support for Microsoft SharePoint 2019. v2.5.3.1014 Updated Oct 18, 2022 Fixes Fixed an issue that format of value are not displayed correctly in the chart. v2.5.2.519 Updated May 20, 2022 Features Added support for Microsoft SharePoint Server ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Upload multiple SharePoint pictures, form libraries and documents. SharePoint Batch Check In overcomes the limitations of SharePoint's document versioning management feature by creating a shortcut to file check-in without compromising document ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Easily import data or records from Excel spreadsheets to SharePoint Online lists. Excel Import App for SharePoint Online enables you to import data from an Excel spreadsheet (in.xlsx,.xls or.csv format) into an existing SharePoint Online list. If you have ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Powerful and real-time calculation, easy-use functions with IntelliSense. SharePoint Calculated Boost Field provides you with a powerful and friendly user interface to design your calculation. Powerful functions help you do complex calculation. ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: A powerful toolkit to collect and analyze data. Data Collection & Analysis is a package of 3 products, Calendar Rollup, List Collection and Business Charts to provide a powerful toolkit to collect and analyze data. Compatible with SharePoint 2010, ... Per saperne di più

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    Prezzi: SharePoint Workflow Boost v1.4.1008.0- Server License 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1239873 Premium Annual Support for 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1239874 Premium Annual Support Renewal for 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1239897 ... Per saperne di più