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  1. Note di rilascio: Adds support for YouTrack plus Global resource tracking. Added: YouTrack support. Added: Global resource tracking (with option). Added: Selectable categories for resource tracking. Added: "Log application's exits" option. Added: New options ... Per saperne di più

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    Note di rilascio: Adds integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, plus support for OpenJDK and JDK 9+ and Lazarus/Free Pascal. v6.2.101 Updated Dec 4, 2019 Features Support for Delphi 10.3.3. Improved support for Lazarus/free Pascal. v6.2.99 Updated Jun 10, 2019 ... Per saperne di più

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    Note di rilascio: Adds support for macOS 64-bit. Added support for macOS 64-bit. Added support for Bytes attribute in Guid generator. Fixed bug compiling a LINQ statement containing both OrderBy and Limit clauses. Fixed bug with AV when loading a XML-model. ... Per saperne di più

  4. Descrizione: Browse and document your Delphi souce code. Documentation Insight integrates into the RAD Studio IDE to enable you to browse and document source code. It also helps you to produce professional API documentation files in a number of formats such as HTML, ... Per saperne di più