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  1. BlackCompass DocLibTool

    About BlackCompass DocLibTool

    Significantly enhance your SharePoint document library. BlackCompass DocLibTool provides a comprehensive set of features that allows users and administrators to better understand and control their SharePoint document libraries. It lets you report, audit, ...

  2. Covri Cascaded Lookup Web Part

    About Covri Cascaded Lookup Web Part

    SharePoint lookup with the capability of providing filtered data. COVRI Cascaded Lookup Column is intended to augment SharePoint 2010 standard lookup functionality. The enhancements include building relationships between parent and child columns i.e the ...

  3. Covri Parent Selector Column Web Part

    About Covri Parent Selector Column Web Part

    Organize hierarchical relationships in SharePoint lists. COVRI Parent Selector Column is used for organizing hierarchical relationships in SharePoint lists. A picker dialog allows you to select data from large lists. Standard Lookup columns can be easily ...

  4. Cross-Site Lookup Column

    About Cross-Site Lookup Column

    Enhance standard Microsoft SharePoint lookup functionality. Cross-Site Lookup Column helps you get data from any site within a site collection. The component includes the ability to search via lookup lists. This function provides substring matching in the ...

  5. FilterZen


    Rediscover the power of SharePoint filtering. FilterZen allows you to instantly apply better search and information drill-down to any content, List, Library or Web Part, using specialized, intelligent filters (background or interactive). With FilterZen ...

  6. HarePoint User Catalog for Microsoft SharePoint

    Marca: HarePoint
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    About HarePoint User Catalog for Microsoft SharePoint

    Easily navigate user information. HarePoint User Catalog is a web part that provides an easy to use way to display, navigate and search user information. The user list is presented in a tree view that can be arranged by Organizational Unit, by Microsoft ...

  7. SharePoint Cascaded Lookup

    About SharePoint Cascaded Lookup

    Improvements to SharePoint's standard reference functions. SharePoint Cascaded Lookup is a powerful look-up tool that greatly enhances the lookup functionality already native to SharePoint. It quickly cross-references existing data from a list or ...

  8. SharePoint Choice Indicator

    About SharePoint Choice Indicator

    Allows users to classify list elements by assigning a color to each element in the list. SharePoint Choice Indicator allows you to prioritize, organize and monitor task and list items by applying color-coded labels corresponding to selection criteria you ...

  9. SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

    About SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

    Look up and filter information from lists in other sites. SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup allows you to look up information from lists in another sites and filter Cross-Lookup fields by selecting list views. It lets users lookup from another site within a ...

  10. SharePoint Item Audit Log

    About SharePoint Item Audit Log

    View audit information at SharePoint item and list level. SharePoint Item Audit Log is a simple and powerful audit report to present library or document usage, modifications, popularity, etc. After translating the events into simple terms, Item Audit Log ...