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    Descrizione: Render and display widely used file formats anywhere. GroupDocs.Viewer Product Family includes document viewer APIs for 90+ file formats. It helps you develop .NET and Java applications with the ability to view and render documents with no external ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Add crucial file format management capabilities to your .NET applications. Syncfusion Essential Studio File Formats helps you read, write, and modify PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Included are Essential PDF, Essential DocIO, Essential XlsIO, and ... Per saperne di più

  3. Note di rilascio: Adds new TreeView and Scheduler controls. Common .NET 5 Preview support - Syncfusion WPF controls support .NET 5 Preview with this release. New Microsoft Office2019 themes New Microsoft Office2019 colorful and Microsoft Office2019 black themes have been ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Web Forms controls for complete business solutions. ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET Web Forms Edition makes it easy to develop attractive, interactive, and relevant web applications in Visual Studio. Meet today's business demands and keep your ... Per saperne di più

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    Note di rilascio: HTML export: long style names cause an exception. PDF export: Document causes 01-1D09 error. Document causes System.AccessViolation if you load the document with FormattingPrinter "Standard". ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Suite of UWP controls for all Windows 10 devices. With ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition you can elevate your applications to new heights with stunning data visualization, powerful reports, and complete schedulers available on any Windows 10 device. Desktop ... Per saperne di più

  7. Descrizione: A comprehensive Xamarin UI controls package. Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin includes 150+ essential controls like datagrid, charts and listview for building powerful line-of-business Xamarin applications targeting iOS, Android, UWP, WPF and MacOS ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Convert DWG, DXF, STL documents to PDF and raster images without any CAD software dependencies. Aspose.CAD for Java is an native AutoCAD conversion API without any software dependencies. It allows developers to convert DWG, DWF and DXF files to high ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Comprehensive .NET image processing library. ImageGear for .NET integrates enterprise-class file viewing, annotation, conversion, and image processing functions to any application. The library supports more than 100 formats including images, DICOM, PDF, ... Per saperne di più

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    Descrizione: Crea applicazioni touch first moderne. With ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition, you'll get fast, lightweight controls to support any user requirement, all the benefits of MVC's test-driven development, and professional designs on the latest ... Per saperne di più