SlickEdit 2015 released

Code beautifiers now available for System Verilog and Python.
12월 17, 2015 - 0:00
기능 릴리스

SlickEdit can be used as a stand-alone development environment or as a complementary editor. It provides programmers with a tool to create, navigate, modify, build and debug code faster and more accurately. SlickEdit's features include Code Navigation, Preview Tool Window, References Tool Window, Syntax Expansion, Surround With and Auto-Completions. SlickEdit automatically formats XML/HTML as you edit according to user-defined formatting schemes.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2015

  • System Verilog and Python beautifiers.
  • Support for single file projects.
  • Swift language support.
  • Regular expression enhancements.
  • Non-inclusive column selections.
  • Current context windows in DIFFzilla (included in SlickEdit).
  • Find symbol changes in files.

About SlickEdit

SlickEdit provides software developers with multi-language development environments and one of the most advanced code editors available. Proven across a wide range of programming languages and on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms, SlickEdit products enable developers to code faster and meet increasingly aggressive deadlines. SlickEdit is headquartered in the North Carolina Research Triangle area.

Beautify Python code using SlickEdit.

SlickEdit for Windows

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