Active Waveform Analyzer released

사운드 파형 분석 및 시각화를 사용하여 ActiveX/COM 응용 프로그램을 개발합니다.
9월 06, 2018 - 13:52


  • Audio Analysis
    • Native decoding and analysis of the following audio formats:
      • Microsoft WAV
      • Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC
      • OGG/Vorbis
      • Header-less RAW
      • Apple AIFF / SGI / AIFC
      • Apple CAF
      • Commodore Amiga IFF / SVX
      • Creative VOC
      • Fasttracker 2 XI
      • GNU Octave 2.0 MAT4
      • GNU Octave 2.1 MAT5
      • HMM Tool Kit - HTK
      • IRCAM SF
      • Paris Audio File (PAF)
      • Portable Voice Format (PVF)
      • Sound Designer II (SD2)
      • Soundforge W64
      • Sphere Nist WAV
      • Sun / DEC / NeXT AU / SND         
    • Decoding and analysis of the media formats (audio and video) supported by Microsoft Media Foundation.
    • Decoding and analysis of media formats (audio and video) through Microsoft DirectShow.
    • Analysis of audio streams whose PCM data is provided by external third-party libraries.
    • Deep analysis at different resolutions of the sound's waveform.
  • Graphical Features
    • Rich, fully configurable visualization capabilities with range selection, zooming and panning.
    • Fully configurable waveform scroller.
    • Support for adding custom graphic items to the waveform.
    • Support for drawing a waveform representation inside a graphical device context (HDC).
    • Support for saving the waveform to a graphic file.
  • Misc Features
    • Can be instanced inside HTML code also and used to analyze media files from a client browser.
    • Easy integration with applications developed using third-party audio libraries including Leadtools Multimedia SDK, BASS, FMOD and any other multimedia library that supports playback and/or provides PCM data for rare or custom audio formats.
    • Dedicated Visual Editor for easy configuration of the control's user interface at design-time.
Active Waveform Analyzer

Active Waveform Analyzer

사운드 파형 분석 및 시각화를 사용하여 ActiveX 응용 프로그램을 개발합니다.

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