OzCode - Professional Edition v4

귀하의 C# Debugging을 레벨업 하십시오! 디버깅 시간을 절반으로 단축 합니다. 더 많은 코드. 더 나은 코드.
5월 14, 2019 - 10:50
신규 버전


  • Time Travel Debugging - Enables developers to test and predict how their code will execute, traveling across loop iterations and code branches, in order to pinpoint the exact moment of failure without affecting the program’s state.
  • Improved search functionality.
  • Collaborative debugging.
  • NEW! Professional Edition Licensing
  • Fixed Licenses.​ (Not Transferable - if you need transferable licenses within your company or organization you need to buy OzCode - Enterprise Edition).
  • One license is required per user, per year. To continue to use the software after 1 year, you need to renew the annual license.
  • A maximum of 5 user licenses may be purchased per company or organization.
  • Tech Support by Email​.
  • Product Training Videos​.
  • Community Support​.
  • Online Documentation​.

To buy more than 5 licenses in total, per company or organization, you need to buy OzCode - Enterprise Edition licenses.

Time-Travel debugging

Ozcode Visual Studio Extension - Professional Edition

 Visual Studio 및 C#을 위한 시각적 디버깅 애드인 입니다.

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