Structure101 Studio V5.0 b15265

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4월 27, 2020 - 10:39
신규 버전


General changes

  • Build: report-summary operation did not support useProjectFile argument.
  • Studio: initialise spec coverage and violation values when no spec present.
  • Removed Edition from product names.
  • Updated splash screens.
  • Logging levels upgraded.
  • If we have a node in the pattern, ask it for the type directly.


General changes

  • Studio: a drag and drop to module lost package hierarchy.
  • Build: reported spec specified percentage from specified-output-file argument was always 100.
  • Studio: sometimes complexity view was blank in comparison mode.
  • Build: report-summary operation failed to generate valid key measures if the repository had no arch/spec artefacts.
  • Updates to the help to fix the spinner in the TOC.
  • Copy some dlls into install-dir to workaround around lib issue at runtime.

Java-specific changes

  • Sometimes unable to load project with exception: self loop between classidentifier.
  • A project load failed if pom file and hsp locations on different drives.
  • Workspace tooltips were not showing on Map widget (minor API change).
Structure101 Studio

Structure101 Studio

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