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6월 23, 2021 - 14:10
신규 버전


  • Ozcode Agent
    • Agent now reports tracepoint instrumentation status to servers.
    • Added support for conditional tracepoints on agent side.
    • Improved instrumentation cleanup when AppDomain starts to unload.
    • Capture collections and array length as a field.
    • Improved capture of local arguments on optimized code.
    • Improved instrumentation on domain-neutral assemblies.
    • Improved uninstall cleanup after Dynatrace removal.
  • Ozcode Server
    • Improved symbol indexing performance.
    • Improved the Ctrl+T UX.
    • Add agent filters to tracepoint session.
    • Show warning when multiple versions of a function were loaded by the agents.
    • Add new contextual data columns as new tracepoint hit arrives.
Ozcode Live Debugger

Ozcode Live Debugger

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