InstallAware Multi-Platform Update 1

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9월 30, 2022 - 9:53
신규 버전


  • Native Binaries: Supports Linux, Apple macOS, and Microsoft Windows with zero dependencies (no Java) - zero failures.
  • Single Source: A single setup script (and dialogs) that look and feel and work the same on each compiled target.
  • Code Signing with Notarization: macOS Gatekeeper friendly. You can sign, notarize and even staple while building.
  • Elevation: Supports official Linux/macOS/Windows privilege escalation channels (with corresponding folder paths).
  • Partial Web Deploy: You can structure your setups into as many (shareable) online and offline segments as you like.
  • Tools and IDE: Supports command line builds, Dialog Designer, and even the script editor.
  • Core Commands: Supports Install Files, Create Shortcut, Run Program, Compiler Variables and the visual debugger.
  • Native Engine: Supports registry-free state management, per-user/per-machine installs and runtime mutable features.
  • Instance Management: Supports local setup caching (maintenance without source) and source resolution (network installs).
  • Custom Uninstalls: You can bind to external setup logs for seamless old version removals/updates, nothing hard-coded.
InstallAware Multi-Platform

InstallAware Multi-Platform

단일 소스에서 Linux, macOS 및 Windows용 인스톨러를 빌드합니다.

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