RavenDB v5.4.101

운영자별로 서버 전체 백업을 취소하고 지연하는 기능을 추가합니다.
2월 14, 2023 - 16:19
신규 버전



  • [Backup] Added the ability to cancel and delay server-wide backups by Operator.
  • [Certificates] Improved using UTC time when validating the certificate for developer license.
  • [Changes API] Added the timeout for sending a message and clearing messages in the queue when you're in low memory.
  • [Cluster] Improved using TCP compression for the cluster communication.
  • [Corax] Memory usage and performance improvements.
  • [ETL] Added new getRevisionsCount() method available during execution of an ETL script.
  • [JavaScript] Added support for spread operator JavaScript indexes and Patching.
  • [Import] Added alerts when skipping configuration for a conflict solver, time series or revisions during the import because they already exist.
  • [Memory] Improved purging the Lucene's field cache for order by when you are in low memory state.
  • [Memory] Added defragmentation mechanism to internal allocators to deal with specific memory allocation patterns.
  • [Performance] Improved Smuggler and Patching performance when handling documents with complex nested objects.
  • [Querying] Optimized order by queries when ordering by field which is a date.
  • [Querying] Added support for count(), key() and sum() methods in JavaScript projections when using dynamic group by queries.
  • [Subscriptions] Improved sending noop ACK cluster command once per state.
  • [Smuggler] Added the ability to import / export history of indexes.
  • [Time Series] Improved memory usage when processing large number of time series during ETL and indexing.
  • [Time Series] Improved memory usage during import of time series.
  • [.NET] Updated to Microsoft .NET 7.0.2.


  • [Querying] Added AsAsyncEnumerable to RavenQueryableExtensions.


  • Added on/off switch to disable index optimize during compact operation.


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