RavenDB v5.4.109

Backups, Querying 및 Monitoring을 개선합니다.
8월 2, 2023
신규 버전



  • [Attachments] When 'WaitForIndexesAfterSaveChanges' is used - attachments and their parent document collections are now taken into account.
  • [Backups] Added support for 'Refresh' in Smuggler.
  • [Backups] Smuggler now skips Counters, Time Series, etc when parent document is being skipped via TransformScript.
  • [Backups] File name and counters have been added to restore progress.
  • [Cluster] Added support for sending early to the Client API that topology (Cluster and Database) needs to be updated.
  • [Configuration] Setting 'Databases.MaxIdleTimeInSec' can now also be set per database.
  • [Connection Strings] Added support for validating factory name before connection string is added.
  • [Import] Added the ability to add reference key to embedded object.
  • [Indexes] Optimized Bloom Filter performance and indexing time of the first indexing batch.
  • [Indexes] Optimized memory (managed and unmanaged) allocations in Lucene.
  • [Indexes] Added support for more expression types in Index Cleanup.
  • [Monitoring] Added Prometheus integration.
  • [Querying] Decreased the amount of cached loaded documents to 16k when projection is used.
  • [Querying] Added support for surrogate characters in alphanumerical sorting.
  • [Tombstones] Improved notification when tombstones cleaner is getting stuck because of a disabled background task.
  • [.NET] Updated to Microsoft .NET 7.0.9.


  • [HiLo] Exposed 'GenerateDocumentIdAsync' in 'IHiLoIdGenerator'.
  • [Operations] Added 'Kill' and 'KillAsync'.
  • [Session] Added the ability to pass HighlightingOptions via DocumentQuery.


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