OzCode released

A visual debugging add-in for Visual Studio and C#.
9월 14, 2015 - 0:00
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OzCode is an innovative debugging tool, which complements Visual Studio and improves the C# debugging experience. It is a visual debugger which helps you figure out complex expressions, drill into inner exceptions, easily add logging statements on-the-fly and quickly diagnose memory issues and track-down the relevant object references.


  • Magic Glance - OzCode provides a visual representation of predicate evaluations, and the return value of any inline or nested method call.
  • Search - Quickly and effortlessly search member names and values, no matter the size of the collection or complexity of the object graph.
  • Foresee - Keep track of where you are in any loop and navigate to specific items in the collection.
  • Compare - Compare objects and collections in a side-by-side view that you can use to drill down deep into the structure.
  • Reveal - Set the properties you are interested in and they will appear right next to the object.
  • Custom Expressions - Create multiple custom expressions on any object type.
  • Filters - Apply a filter expression to any collection.
  • Quick Attach - Hit a shortcut key and immediateley attach to a running process.
  • Quick Actions - Offers you the most relevant actions, depending on your current context.
  • Exceptions Trail - Navigate through each inner-exception with a convenient breadcrumb control, all the relevant information about the exception is presented in a handy tool-window.
  • Show All Instances - OzCode makes it effortless to find specific objects in memory that you want to explore.
  • Trace - Easily add logging statements on-the-fly and view the output using the integrated log-viewer.

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Debug your code using OzCode.

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