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Active Sound Editor is an ActiveX control that adds sounds editing and sound analysis capabilities to multimedia applications. It can perform various operations with audio data such as analyzing the sound's waveform. It includes rich visualization capabilities like zooming, panning, filtering, effects, equalizing, tempo change, custom DSP, sliding volume and volume automation. It supports encoding in several audio formats.

Active Sound Editor is an ActiveX custom control that makes it easy to add sound editing capabilities to applications. It is integrated with DirectShow codecs and the BASS library, which allows you to decode most common sound formats including MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis and many others. It provides advanced features to allow an application to access and modify audio data, including support for editing metadata and tags. You can also create your own sounds by composing audio files from scratch using the internal sound composer which comes with support for multi-channel audio (up to 8 channels or 7.1): All sound items added to the composing session are layered, meaning that they can be added, removed and modified before composing the final mix and exporting to a destination file.

Active Sound Editor Features

  • Support for multi-channel audio files (up to 7.1).
  • Support for loading raw audio data from an external source.
  • Load a new sound in "Append mode", "Insert mode", "Mix mode" or "Overwrite mode".
  • Load a specific range of a sound file.
  • Load a specific audio channel from a sound file.
  • Extract mono or stereo channels from multi-channel audio files (up to 7.1).
  • Extract audio tracks from a video clip and save them to an audio file.
  • Append several files in one single shot.
  • Mix several files or contents of other instances of the control in one single shot.
  • Load from a file, from a memory buffer or from the system Clipboard the most audio formats:
    • AAC and AAC+
    • MIDI
    • PCM RAW format
    • AC3
    • MOD Music
    • PVF
    • AIFF
    • Monkey's Audio (APE)
    • Speex
    • ALAC
    • MP3
    • MP2
    • MP1
    • SVX
    • AU
    • MP4
    • VOC
    • CAF (1)
    • Musepack
    • W64
    • CD tracks
    • NIST
    • WAV (2)
    • FLAC
    • OGG Vorbis
    • WavPack
    • IRCAM
    • OPUS
    • WMA and WMV (3)
    • M4A
    • PAF    

(1) Support for PCM 8/16/24/32 bits, PCM 32 bits floating point, G711 U-LAW, G711 A-LAW
(2) Support for uncompressed PCM and compressed formats whose ACM codec is installed inside the system
(3) Requires the availability of Windows Media Player modules on the target PC

Audio editing

  • Edit a sound with cut, insert and mixing capabilities.
  • Support for remapping or mixing channels of stereo or multichannel audio files.
  • A background sound can be applied to the current editing session, also in loop mode.
  • Insert or remove portions of silence.
  • Create and apply equalizer bands.
  • Volume modifications: flat volume, sliding volume and volume automation with possibility to design the volume curve.
  • Special effects with multichannel support: Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo, AutoWah, Phaser, Freeverb (reverb).
  • DirectX Media Object (DMO) effects.
  • Custom DSP effects: code of DSP effects can be internal to the container application's code or inside external DLLs.
  • Virtual Studio Technology (VST) effects.
  • Change Tempo, Playback rate and Pitch
  • Filter for hiss noise removal.
  • Filter for clicks and pops removal.
  • Filter for volume level normalization.
  • Filter for DC Offset removal.
  • Filter for vocal remove.

Audio playback

  • Play loaded and edited sound or any portion.
  • Sound card output choice.

Audio export

  • Export multi-channel sounds (up to 7.1) into audio formats supporting multi-channel.
  • Join two mono files in one single output stereo file.
  • Split and export a stereo sound into two separate mono files containing left and right channels.
  • Export edited sound into an audio file in the most audio formats:
    • CAF (1)
    • WAV (2)
    • WMA (3)
    • AAC (4)
    • MP4 (4)
    • MP2 (5)
    • MP3 (6)
    • OGG Vorbis (7)
    • OPUS (8)
    • AAC+ (9)
    • NIST
    • PVF
    • RAW formats
    • AIFF
    • SVX
    • AU
    • VOC
    • W64
    • FLAC
    • IRCAM
    • PAF

(1) Support for PCM 8/16/24/32 bits, PCM 32 bits floating point, G711 U-LAW, G711 A-LAW
(2) Support for uncompressed PCM and compressed formats whose ACM codec is installed inside the system
(3) Requires the availability of Windows Media Player modules on the target PC
(4) Requires the availability of the external Faac.exe encoder
(5) Requires the availability of the external TwoLame.exe encoder
(6) Requires the availability of the external Lame.exe encoder
(7) Requires the availability of the external OggEnc.exe encoder
(8) Requires the availability of the external OpusEnc.exe encoder
(9) Requires the availability of the external Fdkaac.exe encoder

Audio format conversion

  • Convert from/to many audio formats with the possibility to:
    • Port eventual existing tags from the source format to the destination format.
    • Apply volume level normalization.
    • Apply DC Offset removal.
  • Convert several files from an audio format to another in one single shot.

Audio analysis

  • Deep analysis at different resolutions of the loaded sound's waveform.
  • Enumeration of silent portions of sound.

Graphical features

  • Rich visualization capabilities of the waveform with possibility to perform range selection, zooming and panning: both waveform and spectral view are supported.
  • Volume curve designer.
  • Waveform scroller allowing manual and automatic movement of the waveform.
  • Support for drawing the waveform representation inside a graphical device context (HDC).
  • Enhanced graphical spectrum analyzer.
  • Graphic bars for custom displaying of Vu-Meters and Progress bars.

Sound generator

  • Pure wave tones.
  • Composite or monaural wave tones.
  • Binaural and multi-channel wave tones.
  • Sliding wave tones.
  • Noises.
  • DTMF tones.
  • Text to speech strings.

Sound composer
Compose new mono, stereo or multi-channel (up to 7.1) sound files by mixing together audio data taken from the following audio sources:

  • The internal sound generator which allows creating from scratch several kinds of wave tones, noises and DTMF tones.
  • The Microsoft Speech API which allows creating audio data from a string of text or from a text file through synthesized voices.
  • Regular sound files stored inside disk files or inside memory buffers.
  • Another instance of the editor component.
  • An instance of the  Active Sound Recorder component.

Tagging features

  • Edit common tag formats (Unicode strings supported):
    • APE
    • FLAC    
    • ID3V1
    • LYRICS3    
    • ID3V2.2
    • MP4    
    • ID3V2.3
    • OGG Vorbis    
    • ID3V2.4         
  • Editing of the following chunks in WAV files:
    • CART
    • DISP    
    • BEXT
    • LIST INFO    

Misc features

  • Upload files to a FTP server.
  • Support for ZIP format with AES encryption/decryption capabilities.