Active Waveform Analyzer 관련 정보

사운드 파형 분석 및 시각화를 사용하여 ActiveX 응용 프로그램을 개발합니다.

Active Waveform Analyzer is an ActiveX control that makes it easy to add sound waveform analysis capabilities to applications. It supports real-time waveform scrolling during playback through third-party audio libraries. The component comes with native decoding capabilities for many audio formats and leverages the decoding capabilities of Microsoft Media Foundation and Microsoft DirectShow for audio and video formats not supported natively.

Active Waveform Analyzer Features

  • Audio Analysis
    • Native decoding and analysis of the following audio formats:
      • Microsoft WAV
      • Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC
      • OGG/Vorbis
      • Header-less RAW
      • Apple AIFF / SGI / AIFC
      • Apple CAF
      • Commodore Amiga IFF / SVX
      • Creative VOC
      • Fasttracker 2 XI
      • GNU Octave 2.0 MAT4
      • GNU Octave 2.1 MAT5
      • HMM Tool Kit - HTK
      • IRCAM SF
      • Paris Audio File (PAF)
      • Portable Voice Format (PVF)
      • Sound Designer II (SD2)
      • Soundforge W64
      • Sphere Nist WAV
      • Sun / DEC / NeXT AU / SND         
    • Decoding and analysis of the media formats (audio and video) supported by Microsoft Media Foundation.
    • Decoding and analysis of media formats (audio and video) through Microsoft DirectShow.
    • Analysis of audio streams whose PCM data is provided by external third-party libraries.
    • Deep analysis at different resolutions of the sound's waveform.
  • Graphical Features
    • Rich and fully configurable visualization capabilities with possibility to perform range selection, zooming and panning of the waveform.
    • Fully configurable waveform scroller.
    • Support for adding custom graphic items to the waveform.
    • Support for drawing a waveform representation inside a graphical device context (HDC).
    • Support for saving the waveform representation to a graphic file.
  • Misc Features
    • Being an ActiveX control, it can be instanced inside HTML code also and used to analyze media files from a client browser.
    • Easy integration with applications developed using Active DJ Studio ActiveX control.
    • Easy integration with applications developed using third-party audio libraries including Leadtools Multimedia SDK, BASS, FMOD and any other multimedia library that supports playback and/or provides PCM data for rare or custom audio formats.
    • Dedicated Visual Editor for easy configuration of the control's user interface at design-time.