ActivePDF Compressor API 관련 정보

PDF 파일의 크기를 극적으로 줄이는 Developer API.

ActivePDF Compressor API is a developer API that compresses text, images, and objects to reduce the size of PDF files. Eliminating the time-intensive work of performing manual compression tasks, ActivePDF Compressor API eases the daily challenge of working with large-sized files.

Control Image Compression
Compressor API enables users to control compression size for various image types embedded within PDF files including JPEG, JP2, and raw image data.

Manage Image Output
Users can adjust embedded color or grayscale images, and reduce Dots-per-inch (DPI) for a more reduced file size.

Optimize PDF Compression
Compressor includes compression optimization, enabling users to remove document structure and compress objects within the PDF file.

ActivePDF Compressor Features:

  • Reduces PDF file size for sharing and/or storing
  • Customizable image compression
  • Controlled image optimization
  • Text and PDF object compression
  • Customized document structure