ActivePDF Reader Plus

ActivePDF Reader Plus is a browser-based PDF viewer and editor that enables you to access PDF documents anywhere and anytime for annotations, collaboration, manipulation, form-filling, and more. External applications and plug-ins are no longer required as content is rendered accurately and securely behind your organization's firewall. Deploy as-is with a white label or further customize your experience as needed via the API.

Compatible with all modern web browsers, Reader Plus makes it easy to extend PDF viewing and editing capabilities to an entire users base, without requiring any client-side installation or maintenance.

Customizable UI
ActivePDF Reader Plus allows for easy customization of the User Interface (UI). Disable features, integrate custom buttons, add annotations to rotated pages, and more – all through a robust API.

PDF Document Security
Reader Plus is self-hosted so documents can be kept...

최신 뉴스

ActivePDF Reader Plus v4.5.1
ActivePDF Reader Plus v4.5.1
Adds new eSign feature allowing the insertion of a signature request box.
ActivePDF Reader Plus v4.2.0
ActivePDF Reader Plus v4.2.0
숫자 필드 용 특수 서식 및 향상된 문서 탐색 기능을 추가합니다.
ActivePDF Reader Plus v4.1.0
ActivePDF Reader Plus v4.1.0
개발자 및 최종 사용자를 위한 브라우저-기반 PDF 뷰어 및 편집기.

가격: ₩ 1,368,400

Annual Production Licenses (1 Year Term): The Annual License allows you to use the software for a 12 month period for production use only, execution of the software for the purposes of running day to...

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