AlchemyJ 릴리스

Released: Aug 1, 2020

v4.1.x 버젼 업데이트


Updated Nov 9, 2020


  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function: ajXMLToTable which extracts data from an XML.
  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function: ajTextSplit and ajBigStrTextSplit which split text around a delimiter.
  • Improved performance of ajJSONTable function.
  • Released AlchemyJ Excel Library which provides AlchemyJ Extended Functions as a stand-alone Excel Add-in. It is a lite download version for users who want to use AlchemyJ to power up Excel but do not need to turn Excel models into...

Released: Apr 16, 2020

v4.0.x 버젼 업데이트


Updated Jun 5, 2020


  • Generating a REST API in debug mode will automatically activate the API Inspector settings.
  • Checks the existence of license key in the beginning of API generation.
  • Supports Maven server proxy setting.
  • CRUD AlchemyJ functions such as ajCreateRec can handle boolean type. It automatically changes TRUE/FALSE in Excel to 1/0 in database.
  • Added a validation rule to check whether class name in Java API and endpoint group in REST API is empty.


  • Having a table...