Advanced .NET obfuscation, code and intellectual property protection.

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CliSecure has been renamed and is now available as Agile.NET.


CliSecure features advanced obfuscation techniques that keep class and method names intact while completely hiding IL code stored in assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with empty method stubs. CliSecure’s additional features include: control flow obfuscation, string encryption, dependant-assembly merging and a complete copy protection solution. CliSecure copy protection module provides security and flexibility and can be used to easily provide trials, hardware locking and subscription licenses to existing products.

CliSecure Major Features

  • CliSecure Code protection - CliSecure offers better protection for your .NET code by providing a protection that goes beyond standard obfuscation methods. The protection employed by CliSecure completely hides the IL code stored in the assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with empty method stubs.
  • CliSecure Entity Renaming - renames metadata symbols including: class, field, method, properties, method parameters and generic parameter names to irreversible names...

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ComponentSource adds SecureTeam
ComponentSource adds SecureTeam
CliSecure advanced .NET obfuscation and code protection technology now available from ComponentSource.

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