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DevPartner Studio charleyz [USA] 17-Feb-2005 00:57:23

My DevPartner only works with my .Net and disabled my Visual Studio 6.0 C++ and a message MISSING DevBCH6.DLL pop up after I try to run Visual Studio 6.0 C++.
It also asks me reinstall BoundsChecker.
How can I have both .Net and Visual Studio 6.0 working with DevPartner of COmpuWare? Advice and commends please.


DevPartner Studio Alexander_Kachalkov [Russia] 16-May-2004 21:36:24

I've downloaded evalution copy of DevPartner Studio Professional Edition.
I want to see how Memory Analysis works, but when I start my app using CTRL+F5 the Memory Analysis apears and every tab and button is just disabled.
The graph is empty.
Any suggestions?

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