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Trevor Ledet
Stop looking you have found the best. I manage a large scale document imaging department and have looked extensively for a software toolkit that would give us the ability to write custom capture applications and more to have more control over my capture process. I have found nothing but outragously priced items that were only parts of the components I needed which were scanner capture, barcode reading, image cleanup, and image viewing. Then I found this component line. We got an eval, developed our app, with the help of the outstanding support staff at Atalasoft (Outstanding) answering our every question, once we saw it was going to work purchased it and continued to be assisted by the staff when questions arised and completed our product. Now we have a flexible, robust, stable, and accurate solution that I can deploy company wide and can continue to grow my capture points with no additional cost, which was not the case with other products. Do not let the other guys sell you that somehow their product is superior because of their help or custom tweaks they are willing to do to make their product work for you. I cannot see how they can out perform this product or this support staff. I was a little worried because there were no reviews... Well now dismiss that worry if you have a competent developer you will be happy. Get this while this company is hungry and the competition continues to out price themselves, or these guys come to their senses and start charging more... I wrote this as a thank you to Atalasoft for providing the above average support and superior, affordable product.

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