Infragistics WebDataGrid

Infragistics WebDataGrid is the high performance, scalable ASP.NET data grid cousin to Infragistics WebGrid that excels at rapidly displaying and editing flat, tabular information. Infragistics WebDataGrid has been designed with the deeply-integrated AJAX capabilities of the Aikido Framework, it's both featherweight and feature-rich. Infragistics WebDataGrid includes data paging, single and multi-column sorting, row filtering and extensive ASP.NET template support and more. The Infragistics WebDataGrid's modular composition makes it easy to configure by the behaviors you add to it within Visual Studio.

Infragistics WebDataGrid features:

  • AJAX-Enabled - An ASP.NET data grid control that takes full advantage of ASP.NET to display data while deferring costly postbacks.
  • Lightweight - Minimal HTML is rendered depending on the Composite of behaviors you've added to the data grid.
  • Interactive - With its variety of behaviors, end users can sort, filter, page and edit data records interactively, adding value over and above static HTML tables.
  • Databound - Use any enumerable data source or standard ASP...
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free.

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