Infragistics WebImageViewer

Infragistics WebImageViewer is an AJAX-Enabled ASP.NET control allowing you to easily add image display and browsing capabilities to their Web applications. With Infragistics WebImageViewer images appear in an image strip that can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and can be scrolled or dragged by the user with smooth animation behavior while the image strip makes the transition. Infragistics WebImageViewer has uses both in basic image gallery scenarios, as well as for image- and icon-based navigation scenarios. Infragistics WebImageViewer can set your application apart from the normal toolbar control with it's smooth scrolling capability.

Infragistics WebImageViewer features:

  • Image Orientation - The list of images can be oriented horizontally (across) or vertically (up/down).
  • Smooth Scrolling Animation - Custom configurable animation behavior determines how images are animated when scrolled, and you can scroll through the images one page at a time, one image at a time, or use a continuous smooth scrolling effect.
  • Data Binding - The Infragistics WebImageViewer can be data bound to a custom data model that has the file path to use...
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free.

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