Infragistics xamTreemap

Infragistics xamTreemap lets you add treemaps to your Silverlight applications. Treemaps (a.k.a., heatmaps in the financial industry) appear in applications as diverse as inventory management to "maps of the market" showing hot stocks and cold sectors. Unlike pie charts, treemaps show the relative weight of data points at more than one level with no drilldown required. Infragistics xamTreemap helps you communicate these differences more effectively in color with either a group-based organizational mechanism, or a graduated scale-based mechanism similar to choropleth shading. Infragistics xamTreemap also supports layout algorithms that optimize your treemap for either order or aspect ratio so you can decide which presentation format is more important to your end users. Infragistics xamTreemap displays data in proportion to its weight, enables users to look top-down onto hierarchical relationships in your data, and examines multiple levels of detail like never before.

Infragistics xamTreemap Key Features at a Glance

  • Infragistics xamTreemap Data Bound – xamTreemap binds to any ItemsSource like IEnumerable, and its hierarchical node binding support allows you to identify text and value properties.
  • Infragistics xamTreemap Depth of Data – xamTreemap shows users multiple levels of detail at once, and you can configure how deeply nested your treemap becomes.
  • Infragistics xamTreemap Flexible Layouts – xamTreemap can optimize for order or aspect ratio with treemap...

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