jSparrow 관련 정보

자동 Java refactoring.

jSparrow is an IDE extension for refactoring Java code with a rule-based approach, powered by the Eclipse Java compiler. A jSparrow rule is a definition of many small composed refactoring steps performed by the plug-in; one rule, when selected, can by itself refactor a very specific area within your system-wide code. Additionally jSparrow now also offers markers that will allow you live and in-depth guidance towards best practice java while you are programming.

jSparrow aims to:

  • Improve software speed and performance for private users.
  • Reduce technical debts for upkeep of Java Legacies.
  • Help developers write state-of-the-art syntaxes with cleaner, more efficient and more secure code.
  • Increase internal stability, security and performance for companies worldwide.

jSparrow Features

Automatic Java Code Refactoring

  • Less repetitive work - Repetitive work is with jSparrow unnecessary; through quick and secure maintenance you will have more time to implement new functionality.
  • Secure Java upgrade - jSparrow can also upgrade your software to more secure and performant versions.
  • Increase readability - jSparrow can improve readability - making code easier to be read by many and enable managers to expand their software engineering team.
  • Unique preview mode - Additionally, jSparrow is the only maintenance tool which allows you to preview your original source with the refactored code before making any committing decisions.