OzCode - Enterprise Edition 관련 정보

Visual Studio 및 C#을 위한 시각적 디버깅 애드인 입니다.

OzCode - Enterprise Edition is an innovative debugging tool, which complements Visual Studio and improves the C# debugging experience. It is a visual debugger which helps you figure out complex expressions, drill into inner exceptions, easily add logging statements on-the-fly and quickly diagnose memory issues and track-down the relevant object references.

OzCode - Enterprise Edition Features

Understand what's happening in your code - Have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening when your code runs:

  • Intuitive extension for your Visual Studio IDE. Powerful heads-up display, advanced search inside objects, LINQ query debugging, side-by-side object comparisons and more.
  • Easy to understand dashboard right in your browser for production environment monitoring and effective bug triage.

Seamless Code Editing - After you’ve made your hypothesis - OzCode can help create and test your fix:

  • Live edit code in your IDE in debug mode and see how your changes affect the results by traveling to the future.
  • Automatically get the snippet of code that threw an exception, then edit, test and deploy - right from your dashboard.

The missing link in LINQ debugging​ - Analyze your queries and see how items are passed through the LINQ pipeline:

  • Get a graphic representation of your LINQ pipeline.
  • Understand exactly how what went in and came out of each LINQ operator.

TimeTravel to the Future - Know what's about to happen in your code:

  • Predict how your code will execute, prevent potential bugs, know everything with predictive data-tips.
  • Edit the potential futures and travel back and forth through iteration loops.
  • Visualize the evaluation of your data and your code.

Collaboration - Coding is rarely a one person job, get all the tools you need to collaboratively debug:

  • Use LiveShare in your Visual Studio IDE to debug together.
  • Use the collaboration panel in your browser dashboard to co-debug your production environment, add questions and ask comments right next to your code and statistics.