PostSharp Threading 릴리스

Released: Sep 13, 2019

v6.2.12 버젼 업데이트


  • Fixed: Debugger: ProcessGetMethodSequencePointsRequest does not identify modules correctly.
  • Fixed: XAML: [Command] should use SynchronizationContext on which the target object was created for firing CanExecuteChanged.
  • Fixed: .NET Core and .NET Standard projects for x86 platform fail to build.

Released: Aug 22, 2019

v6.2.11 버젼 업데이트

Updates in v6.2.11

  • Fixed: BuildClient: .NET Core runtime detection fails due to multiple copies of the same runtime being registered.
  • Fixed: PortablePDB: Local variable mapping is not applied when writing local scopes.
  • Fixed: AspectFramework: PDB is corrupted for restructured methods with a single sequence point.
  • Fixed: Sourcelink support is broken for non-embedded source files.

Released: Aug 5, 2019

v6.2.10 버젼 업데이트

Updates in v6.2.10

  • Fixed: Do not throw an exception if the master advice for an advice doesn't exist.
  • Fixed: Post.Cast error message does not resolve type parameter names.
  • Fixed: Build crashed when IAspectProvider provides a LogAttribute to a non-method target.
  • Fixed: Debugger: StackFrame.FunctionName contains more than a method name when the frame is in an aspect method.
  • Fixed: PostSharp fails to detect C# version when used via .NET Core CLI.
  • Fixed: BuildClient: Produce a warning when...

Released: Jul 12, 2019

v6.2.9 버젼 업데이트

Updates in v6.2.9

  • Fixed Debugger:
    • System.FormatException in CallStackFilteringService.
    • ManagedThreadId should always be expected to fail.
  • Fixed BuildClient:
    • Compiler dependencies restore should skip first-time experience and should not override sdk.
    • PostSharp prefers old unsupported versions of .NET Core runtime.
    • Generated deps.json file specifies version of an assembly that is lower than the runtime one.

Released: May 14, 2019

v6.2.5 버젼 업데이트


  • Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
  • Improves the startup performance of the PostSharp Visual Studio extension.


  • Breaking Changes:
    • The PostSharp.Patterns.Caching.Redis package now depends on StackExchange.Redis v2.0.495 instead of the deprecated StackExchange.Redis.StrongName v1.2.3.
    • The PostSharp.Patterns.Caching.Redis package now requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 instead of 4.5.

Released: May 10, 2019

6.1.19 버젼 업데이트

Updates in 6.1.19

  • Increases minimum supported .NET Core SDK version to 2.1.500 due to assembly reference issues in older releases.
  • Fixed - Calling LogActivity*.Resume or Suspend is silently considered as invalid operation when logger is disabled.

Breaking Change: Your build is going to fail if you have older version of .NET Core 2.1 SDK installed.

Released: Mar 11, 2019

6.1 버젼 업데이트


  • Major refactoring of the add-in to the Visual Studio debugger:
    • Makes sure the debugging experience (such as pressing F10 or F11) is natural when aspects are woven into hand-written code.
    • Focuses on the debugging of async methods. In previous versions, debugging an aspected async method could be pretty challenging. It now behaves very smoothly.
  • Adds improved support for Semantic Logging.
  • Adds Improvements for distributed logging:
    • Hierarchical Ids: PostSharp can generate ids that let you easily...

Released: Jul 9, 2018

v6.0 버젼 업데이트


New Platforms

  • Support for .NET Core 2.0-2.1 and .NET Standard 2.0 - PostSharp now runs natively under .NET Core 2.0 or later, which means that .NET Core projects are no longer cross-compiled from .NET Framework. Note that PostSharp 6.0 will still build only under Windows.
  • Support for Portable PDB - Now supports portable PDB files as well as "embedded" portable PDBs.
  • Support for C# 7.2 - The new in parameters and ref struct types are now properly handled.
  • Support for CPS-based project systems...

Released: Jul 10, 2017

v5.0.28 버젼 업데이트


  • New Platforms
    • Visual Studio 2017 – PostSharp now supports the new MSBuild project format, side-by-side installations of VS, lightweight solution loads, and achieved significant performance improvements.
    • C# 7.0 – Tested and fixed all aspects with the new features of C# 7.0, including value-typed tasks and multiple return values.
    • .NET Core 1.1 – You can now build applications that run on .NET Core 1.1, but you can still only build and debug them on a Windows machine running Visual Studio.
    • .NET...