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XAML 개발을 위한 필수적 동반자.

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가격: ₩ 238,800 버젼: v6.2.12 NEW 업데이스 날짜: Sep 13, 2019


PostSharp Model becomes PostSharp XAML, the must-have companion to your XAML development. Besides NotifyPropertyChanged, undo/redo and code contracts, PostSharp have added command and dependency property aspects.

PostSharp XAML 6.2.11

August 22, 2019

Updates in v6.2.11

  • Fixed: BuildClient: .NET Core runtime detection fails due to multiple copies of the same runtime being registered.
  • Fixed: PortablePDB: Local variable mapping is not applied when writing local scopes.
  • Fixed: AspectFramework: PDB is corrupted for restructured methods with a single sequence point.
  • Fixed: Sourcelink support is broken for non-embedded source files.