WebDesktop.NET offers innovative UI components for building advanced Web applications with desktop-concept user interface such as windowing navigation system, multiple document interface (MDI), built-in task bar and shortcut system, integrated hybrid menu, docking capabilities and more. WebDesktop.NET comes with more than 150 runtime features, spanning from personalization to rich user interactions. WebDesktop.NET supports literally any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Gecko based, etc.).

WebDesktop.NET is a collection of 15+ advanced user interface controls to develop ASP.NET applications with the appearance and behavior of desktop applications from Windows style desktop manager, dock-able toolbar, Vista-style drag-drop, and much more. This is a description of the components included in the suite:

WebDesktopManager: DesktopManager enables you to create high performance and Desktop with built-in windowing navigation system and shortcut icons, extensive keyboard...

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WebUI Studio 2012 R2 adds Data Visualization
WebUI Studio 2012 R2 adds Data Visualization
New version includes a collection of advanced charting controls for Silverlight and WPF business applications.
WebDesktop 3 patch released
WebDesktop 3 patch released
WebUI Studio 2009 R2 SP1 released
WebUI Studio 2009 R2 SP1 released
Latest update includes numerous enhancements, fixes and stability improvements across ASP.NET and Silverlight products.
WebDesktop patch released
WebDesktop patch released

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One software license is required per Developer. Run-time royalty free. Important - Please note that this software requires Activation and that before you can distribute this software you will need to...

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