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  1. Aspose.Total for .NET 관련 정보

    고객 리뷰: it smoothly handled our requirements (encryption, embedding attachments, working with forms, generating new ... 더 읽기

  2. ActiveReports 9 구매

    브랜드: GrapeCity
    주요 카테고리: 리포팅 컴포넌트
    $$$$ | 구입
    About ActiveReports 9

    설명: ActiveReports includes Adobe PDF export with advanced encryption and international font support, Microsoft Excel ... encryption and international font support Microsoft Excel HTML Rich Text Format (RTF) or Microsoft Word Text ... 더 읽기

  3. $$$$$ | 구입
    Aspose.Words for .NET 관련 정보

    릴리스 노트: copy, no printing etc), using PdfSaveOptions.EncryptionDetails. Now supports creation of encrypted PDF ... 더 읽기 본 제품에 관한 더 많은 결과 보기

  4. 릴리스 노트: are supported in RTF Creation of encrypted DOC files Math equations can be imported/exported to RTF Move ... 더 읽기

  5. 릴리스 노트: fields. Ability to easily distinguish templates, documents with digital signatures or encryption before ... 더 읽기

  6. About Aspose.Total for Java

    릴리스 노트: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Updates in Q4 2009 Aspose.Words for Java New Features Supports mail merge settings in the API, DOC and DOCX. Aspose.Cells for Java New Features Imports Excel spreadsheets that are in HTML format. Provides support for ResultSet with type TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY for Smart ... 더 읽기

  7. ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 관련 정보

    신기능: for 128-bit encryption and optimized performance through file caching features. Reports Enhancements - Added ... 더 읽기 본 제품에 관한 더 많은 결과 보기

  8. 릴리스 노트: (Farsi) localization. PDF Enhancements - Added support for 128-bit encryption and optimized performance ... 더 읽기

  9. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 관련 정보

    릴리스 노트: Persian (Farsi) localization. PDF Enhancements - Added support for 128-bit encryption and optimized ... 더 읽기

  10. About Aspose.Cells for .NET

    설명: custom chart API and formula calculation engine etc. Document Features Open Plain or Encrypted Excel ... 더 읽기 본 제품에 관한 더 많은 결과 보기

  11. 릴리스 노트: array constants in formulas Supports MS Excel 2010 encryption Disable/hide printing Process dialog box ... 더 읽기

  12. $$$$$ | 구입
    Configure Compression encryption and optimization

    스크린샷: SQL Server backups. You can also encrypt your backup files using 128- or 256-bit key Advanced ... Encryption Standard encryption. ... 더 읽기 본 제품에 관한 더 많은 결과 보기

  13. 설명: Compressed and encrypted backup and recovery for SQL Server databases. SQL Backup Pro creates ... backups and are securely encrypted. Native SQL Server backups are essentially just a dump of data stored ... encryption. Manage multiple servers' backup operations remotely. Includes enterprise level functionality. ... 더 읽기

  14. 스크린샷: the passwords for encrypted backups. Step 2: Specify the database to which you want to restore the backups. Step ... 더 읽기

  15. Aspose.Pdf for .NET 구매

    브랜드: Aspose
    주요 카테고리: PDF 컴포넌트
    About Aspose.Pdf for .NET

    설명: be positioned using custom positioning Security Features PDF documents can be encrypted upto 128 bits Master ... and User passwords can be set for PDF encryption Content modification in PDF documents can be restricted ... 더 읽기

  16. $$$$$ | 구입
    About LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging SDK

    유니크 판매 포인트: Encrypts sensitive data sent between DICOM nodes using the TLS and ISCL secure transport ... 더 읽기