MySQL 애드인 / Visual Studio 2017 - 베스트 셀러

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    기능: LinqConnect uses classes and interfaces completely compatible with Microsoft LINQ to SQL, so LINQ to SQL developers can easily get started to work with LinqConnect. It offers Migration Wizard that allows you to quickly convert your LINQ to SQL projects to ... 더 읽기 본 제품에 관한 더 많은 결과 보기

  2. 기능: LinqConnect provides its own visual model designer – Entity Developer. With Entity Developer all model creating and editing tasks can be performed in a convenient GUI, thus greatly reducing the development and learning time. Entity Developer seamlessly ... 더 읽기

  3. 기능: Besides SQL Server and SQL Server Compact, LinqConnect works with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases, and supports all their scalar data types. LinqConnect goes with bundled Express versions of dotConnect data providers for MySQL, Oracle, ... 더 읽기