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  1. 설명: Communications, security and e-business components. /n software Red Carpet Subscription includes every edition of every product /n software offer in a frequently updated subscription service. You get tools for every major communications and security ... 더 읽기

  2. 설명: Software components for data protection, secure storage, and secure transfer. SecureBlackbox is collection of over 200 carefully crafted components and libraries that implement security standards and network communication protocols for every popular ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Convert PDFs to XML. Antenna House PDFXML Conversion Library allows you to unlock the content from your legacy PDFs. If you want to reuse content from old PDFs, you no longer need to retype or go through the trouble of reconstructing your documents’ ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Leverage always-on access to Amazon's online storage, messaging, and e-commerce services. Amazon Integrator provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon Web Services including Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), SimpleDB, ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Components for Credit Card and Electronic Check (ACH) processing via major Internet payment gateways. E-Payment Integrator alleviates the complexity of integrating electronic payment support by providing components with an intuitive interface for handing ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Internet-enable your applications with C++ classes. IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development that eliminates the complexity of Internet development, providing programmable, SSL-enabled components that facilitate tasks such as ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Add zipping and compression to your applications. IP*Works! Zip is an easy, fast, and effective, suite of compression components for web or desktop applications. IP*Works! Zip supports the Zip, Tar, Gzip and Jar compression standards, and features support ... 더 읽기

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    릴리스 노트: Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 support. Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support. Default signing algorithm updated to SHA-256. ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Enable software systems with Internet EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) parsing and message generation capabilities. X12 Integrator includes software components that facilitate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) mapping and translation (X12 & EDIFACT). The ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Enable software systems with Internet EDI (EDIFACT) parsing and message generation capabilities. EDIFACT Integrator includes software components that facilitate Electronic Data Interchange (EDIFACT) parsing, translation, and transformation. The components ... 더 읽기