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    설명: Provide automated code access security testing. Desaware's CAS/Tester automates the process of testing an assembly (for Code access security) by executing it under multiple security configurations and producing a detailed report of the results. ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Create custom event sources for logging events into the NT/2000 event log. The Event Log Toolkit overcomes the generic "VB runtime" event logging, along with its limited descriptions and lack of event categories. With it you can create self ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Integrate file property management into your applications. The Desaware File Property Component allows you to read and write file properties that are part of Microsoft Office and other structured storage files, and files located on Windows 2000 NTFS ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Add line and scatter plot graphs to your ASP.NET applications. LineGraph-5M is a Web Custom Control that allows you to add Line and Scatter Plot graphs to your ASP.NET pages. It can create graphs with an absolute minimum of effort, yet contains enough ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Create and manage temporary web links for downloads. OneTimeDownload-5M allows developers to create links to a web site. In using these links, the end user can download software files. These temporary links (URL's) are active for a limited amount of ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Write better.NET code in VB.NET, C# and other.NET languages. StateCoder is a.NET class framework that makes it easy to create and support state machines using VB.NET or C#. State machines reflect a design pattern that can result in dramatic code ... 더 읽기

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    설명: View any normal file as a Structured Storage file. StorageTools uses Visual Basic OLE Objects to represent storages and streams, creating a familiar interface for manipulating those elements. Detect whether files are in Structured Storage format or not, ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Detect and manage possible component version incompatibilities on end-user's systems. VersionStamper determines the component dependencies of any project, detects conflicts based on embedded or remote file lists, and performs automatic notification ... 더 읽기

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    설명: All of Desaware's COM components, with full source code. Desaware’s Universal COM is a comprehensive suite of software components for Visual Basic solution providers which also contains the source code for the nine individual products included: ... 더 읽기

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    설명: All of Desaware's.NET components, with full source code. Desaware’s Universal.NET is a comprehensive suite of components for.NET solution providers which also contains the source code for the nine individual products included: SpyWorks Professional; ... 더 읽기