Layer2 - 베스트 셀러

  1. 설명: Integrate data and sync documents between 100+ corporate data sources. Layer2 Cloud Connector can integrate data and sync documents between 100+ corporate data sources without programming. It is typically used to connect services and apps, local or cloud ... 더 읽기

  2. $$$ | 구입

    설명: Connect SharePoint on-premises lists to 100+ external data sources. Layer2 Business Data List Connector solves many of the well-known issues that exist with SharePoint on-premises external data integration via BCS. It can keep native SharePoint lists in ... 더 읽기

  3. 3. Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite 보관

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    설명: Use managed metadata to drive navigation, discovery and reusability of content. Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite makes it easy to manage tags, to tag content and to use tags for knowledge browsing, navigation, content discovery and search. It was ... 더 읽기