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  1. 설명: Author and publish online help, policy and procedure guides, eBooks and more using Microsoft Word. You only need to author a single set of content and MadCap Doc-To-Help will automatically publish many types of output. You can write in Doc-to-Help's ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Documentation for any audience, language or format. MadCap Flare allows you to create, manage and publish content to a variety of formats, including print, online, desktop and mobile. It helps you create technical documentation for online Help, software ... 더 읽기

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    설명: A complete solution supporting the entire content development lifecycle. MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS) combines the power and flexibility of desktop authoring with cloud-based technology to provide a complete solution for content developers ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Complete translation management solution. MadCap Lingo is a translation management solution designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation and localization process. Improve translation ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Screen captures made easy. MadCap Capture lets you easily capture anything that is displayed on your computer screen. You can capture window panels and entire screen shots as an editable image. Advanced editing features allow you to further enhance ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Create fully interactive demos, videos, tutorials and software simulations. MadCap Mimic is an easy-to-use software simulation and multimedia tool that lets you create fully interactive movies, videos, simulations, presentations and tutorials of software ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Cloud-based content management. MadCap Central is a cloud-based platform that lets you plan, track, and manage the processes, content, and teams that are at the heart of your organization. It allows you to extend your authoring capabilities with a ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Publish MadCap Flare content. MadCap Connect allows authors publish MadCap Flare content to Salesforce Knowledge, Zendesk Help Center and ServiceNow knowledge bases. Update your content from Flare and let the plugin do the work of automatically publishing ... 더 읽기

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    설명: Streamlined contribution and review for subject matter experts. MadCap Contributor makes it easy for anyone in your organization to review and contribute content to your documentation. Managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) can edit and review topics, ... 더 읽기

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    설명: The ultimate technical communication suite. MadPak is a must have for technical writers and documentation specialists it includes six fully integrated technical communication tools for authoring, publishing, analysis, reporting, translation management and ... 더 읽기