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  1. 1. TRichView 구매

    브랜드: TRichView
    주요 카테고리: 워드 프로세싱 컴포넌트

    설명: Rich text editing VCL with support for tables, images and hyperlinks. TRichView is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components for displaying, editing and printing hypertext documents. The component can be used to display documents (like web browsers, ... 더 읽기

  2. 2. RVMedia 구매

    브랜드: TRichView
    주요 카테고리: 오디오 비주얼 컴포넌트
    $$ | 구입

    설명: Components for working with local webcams and IP-cameras, for transferring video via the IP network, for organizing video chats. RVMedia is a set of Delphi and C++Builder VCL components which allow you to add the following functions to your apps. Receive ... 더 읽기