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  1. $$$$$ | 구입
    About InstallAnywhere Premier

    설명: Deploy your application on any platform. InstallAnywhere is designed to install any kind of software - desktop, enterprise, or multi-tiered Web services - onto any platform, and to configure those applications for optimal performance. Whether you're ... 더 읽기

  2. $$$ | 구입
    About Pcl2pdf for Unix (including Linux, OpenVMS) Server

    설명: Convert LaserJet PCL print files to PDF (Portable Document Format). Pcl2pdf for Unix (including Linux, OpenVMS) Server quickly converts HP PCL print files to concise, industry standard PDF. Documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) ... 더 읽기

  3. $ | 구입
    About Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server

    설명: Convert your web browser into an HTML5 RDP Client. Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server allows any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS user to remote into Windows Desktops or work with single Windows Applications. It works with all major browsers and it ... 더 읽기

  4. $$ | 구입
    About Structure101 Studio

    설명: Organise, define and communicate your software architecture. Structure101 is an agile architecture development environment (ADE) that lets the software development team organize a codebase. Building its model direct from the code, Structure101 empowers ... 더 읽기

  5. PDFlib TET 구매

    브랜드: PDFlib
    주요 카테고리: PDF 컴포넌트
    $$ | 구입
    About PDFlib TET

    설명: Text extraction toolkit. PDFlib TET (Text Extraction Toolkit) reliably extracts text, images and metadata from any PDF file. It is available as a library/component and as a command-line tool. PDFlib TET makes available the text contents of a PDF as ... 더 읽기

  6. $ | 구입
    About Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation

    설명: Access any Windows Desktop remotely from anywhere, through a Web Browser. Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation delivers secure, high-performance Remote Desktop access and Screen Sharing over the web by taking advantage of the latest web technologies like ... 더 읽기

  7. About SlickEdit Standard for Windows and Linux

    설명: Write more code faster and more accurately in over 50 programming languages on 3 different platforms. SlickEdit Standard can be used as a stand alone development environment or as a complementary editor, it provides programmers a tool to create, navigate, ... 더 읽기

  8. $$$$$ | 구입
    About KDCalc

    설명: Generate enterprise web applications and executive dashboards from your Excel spreadsheets, including active charting, high-speed calculations, and rich interfaces. KDCalc converts your Excel spreadsheets into client or server applications that run ... 더 읽기

  9. $$$$ | 구입
    About InstallAnywhere Professional

    설명: Deploy your application on any platform. InstallAnywhere enables developers to build highly customized deployment solutions. It's intuitive design brings intelligence to the process of deploying software onto any client or server platform. It ... 더 읽기

  10. $$$$$ | 구입
    About InstallBuilder Professional

    설명: Quickly create cross-platform installers. BitRock InstallBuilder Professional turns application packaging and deployment into a fast, easy and cost-effective process for developers. BitRock InstallBuilder Professional allows you to quickly create easy to ... 더 읽기