Greatis Software launches Delphi Toys

Comprehensive suite includes hot keys, file and folder search, folder/clipboard content monitoring and more.
November 17, 2009 - 19:30
Feature Release

Delphi Toys is a pack of easy-to-use components for accessing complex things from the WinAPI and low-level VCLs. Delphi Toys features include: system-wide hot keys, system mouse cursors, mouse clipping and moving, file and folders search, file version information, windows search, window information, folder content monitoring, clipboard content monitoring, clipboard clip history, DFM file support, forms and components saving and loading and more.


  • Hot Keys
    System-wide hot keys component. It allows you to edit the hot key list at design time with the published Keys property and at runtime with several Register* and Unregister* methods which support both WinAPI Key/Shift and VCL ShortCut.
  • System Mouse
    Supports all the low-level WinAPI mouse functions, like mouse positions, mouse moving area clipping and system cursors.
  • File Search
    All-in-one file search component with very simple interface. Subfolders support. Separated search parameters for folders and files. Search result list with VCL-friendly data. 
  • File Version
    Simple  file version information component. Just assign the FileName property and know anything about the included VERSION resource. Simple access to standard values with ready-to-use properties to access any un-standard values with the VersionValue property. 
  • Window Information
    VCL-friendly window information. Windows search with filters.
  • Folder Monitor
    Very simple interface to the very complex WinAPI folder notification system. All you need is to set the folder for monitoring and to activate the component. When any file or subfolder within the monitored folder is changed the OnChange event will be fired.
  • Clipboard History
    Text clipboard monitor with clip history support. OnChange event for any additional actions with new clipboard content. Saving and loading clipboard history to/from stream and file. 
  • Form Saver
    Component for saving and loading a form or any component to/from a stream and file. Full DFM-format support. Text or binary formats. 100%-compatible with VCL due to used standard solutions.
  • Desktop Settings
    Component for retrieving and changing Windows desktop settings - colors, wallpaper and screen saver. Easy in use. Advanced wallpaper settings
  • Windows Shutdown
    Component used to shutdown Windows XP in all possible modes: sleep, hibernate, logoff, poweroff, reboot, shutdown. The Force mode for forced shutdown. TurnOffDialog method. 
  • WinEvent
    Microsoft Active Accessibility component which allows you to track many low-level system events without global hooks and external DLLs.   

About Greatis Software

Greatis Software is a company based in The Russian Federation that started making software in 1998. The company's most important directions are security software and software for developers. Greatis Software's expertise lies in creating components and tools for Delphi. Functional specialties include: form designing, printing, imaging and WinAPI.

Delphi Toys form saver, hot keys and window information.

Delphi Toys

WinAPI and low-level VCL components.

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