Active Query Builder .NET updated

Latest release adds support for VistaDB 4.0 and includes Brazilian Portuguese translation.
February 09, 2010 - 19:06
Feature Release

Active Query Builder .NET Edition is a visual query builder component suite that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries with unions and sub queries via an intuitive visual interface. Active Query Builder .NET Edition supports Visual Studio 2005, Windows.Forms environment (100% Managed Code, No direct Win32 interop calls).

The following editions are also available:

Updates in V1.11

  • Support VistaDB 4.0 is implemented
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation is added
  • SQLite: The query properties form is implemented, Ability to fetch metadata from "attached" databases is added
  • Oracle: Retrieval of descriptions for objects and fields from the database is implemented
  • The LIKE criteria parsing is improved. Manually entered criteria like "LIKE John Doe" will be distinguished as "LIKE 'John Doe'"
  • Basic support for custom aggregate functions is implemented
  • MS SQL Server: Custom aggregate functions retrieval is made
  • MS SQL Server: Parsing of DatePart, DateName, DateDiff, DateAdd functions is fixed
  • MS SQL Server: Fixed parsing of fields with names matching datatype names, like "DateTime"
  • Oracle: Parsing of the SEED keyword is fixed
  • Oracle: Parsing of "CONNECT BY" and "START WITH" clauses sequence is fixed
  • Oracle and PostgreSQL: interval literals support is added
  • Firebird: List of reserved words is imported into the grammar
  • The INNER keyword can be omitted now in join specifications for Firebird and MS SQL Server via the InnerKeywordInLinks property
  • SQL dialects without databases support (like Oracle) didn't skip default schema from object names. Fixed now
  • Unambiguous reading metadata from XML generated by other AQB Editions (VCL/ActiveX, Java) is made
  • CROSS JOIN processing bug is fixed
  • New properties in the QueryBuilder and PlainTextSQLBuilder components: AsKeywordInExpressionAlias and AsKeywordInObjectAlias. You can use them to force the query builder to always show or omit AS keyword before aliases
  • The new events DatasourceFieldRemoving, DatasourceFieldRemoved are added to control removal of fields by unchecking them from the datasource field list
  • The new properties are made to control case sensitivity of metadata filter items: MetadataFilterItem.SchemaMaskCaseSensitive and MetadataFilterItem.ObjectMaskCaseSensitive
  • The new property is added to create aliases automatically based on alternate names: SelectListOptions.CreateColumnAliasesFromAltNames
  • API changes: MetadataFieldNameList class is renamed to MetadataQualifiedNameList

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