WebUI Studio 2009 R2 SP1 released

Latest update includes numerous enhancements, fixes and stability improvements across ASP.NET and Silverlight products.
February 12, 2010 - 0:00
Feature Release

WebUI Studio 2009 R2 Premier includes over 40 advanced components for both ASP.NET and Silverlight application development. WebUI Studio 2009 Premier empowers Rich Internet Applications development offering a solid architecture and tight integration between each product. WebUI Studio 2009 Premier supports literally any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Gecko based, etc.). WebUI Studio 2009 Premier offers advanced functionality like smart batch update, high-performance client binding, sophisticated text editor, integrated spell checker and real-progress AJAX file uploader, hybrid-view presenters and more. WebUI Studio 2009 Premier Subscription includes products updates and upgrades for a full year from the purchase date. WebUI Studio 2009 Premier Subscribers also enjoy high priority support via phone calls, live chat or conference meeting, as well as direct collaboration with Intersoftpt Engineers. Full support for Silverlight 3.

WebUI Studio Premier includes

WebUI Studio for ASP.NET includes the following products:

WebUI Studio for Silverlight includes the following products:

Updates in 2009 R2 SP1

WebCombo 4.0.7200.219:

  • WebCombo with DefaultStyle now supports width and height resizing in Visual Studio designer
  • WebCombo now handles '%' character as text and value correctly

WebDesktop 3.0.7200.308:

  • Error will not occur when WebToolBar's or WebMenuBar's menu item is hovered,
  • Intersoft controls' styles are now persisted when updated using WebFlyPostBackManager and the controls are inside native ASP.NET containers,
  • WebDialogBox's shadow will not overlap the window content when it is opened for the second time

WebGrid Enterprise 7.0.7200.219:

  • When Client Binding and VirtualLoad are enabled, WebGrid is able to preload group aggregation value before all rows are retrieved
  • When Client Binding and VirtualLoad are enabled, paging can be enabled in group row level
  • WebGrid now supports WebService/WCF Service data source type for Client Binding and VirtualLoad grouping scenario
  • Added WebGrid's LINQ data provider that simplifies the codes to perform data operations using LINQ to SQL
  • Improved WebGrid's performance when self reference feature is used with VirtualLoad in large dataset scenario
  • Smart batch update now supports composite data key field configuration
  • Added SetCurrentPageIndex server-side method that is used to set the page index when Classic Paging is enabled in WebGrid
  • Added ShowContextMenu client-side function that is used to show the context menu of a specified column header
  • AutoHeight now supports XHTML doctype
  • WebGrid now supports sending custom request operation (AJAX) in Client Binding mode
  • GroupRowInfoFormat now works in nested group scenario

WebInput 4.0.7200.2:

  • Comma key can now be used as a decimal separator when German culture is used
  • The date and month value is correctly displayed (not swapped) in the date time editor with English culture
  • The value of CausesValidation property in ASP.NET Button is now applied to WebInput
  • Date time editor is now displayed properly based on DisplayPosition property value
  • Other controls can now be placed adjacent to WebInput

WebScheduler 3.0.1000.3:

  • Able to set the desired view mode which is applied along with the new time interval determined in SetTimeInterval client-side API
  • Added SynchronizeTimeInterval property which controls whether or not the time interval modification in one view should be synchronized to all views
  • In Split view, events are now correctly saved after performing drag and drop action when one or more resource(s) are hidden
  • Error no longer occurs when exporting WebScheduler programmatically
  • SetSelectedDate client-side function now works properly when Day or Week views are disabled

WebTextEditor 1.0.1000.8:

  • Added ResizeHeader client-side function that is used to resize the header area when WebTextEditor is placed inside another container with specific layout and styles

WebTreeView 1.0.1500.219:

  • ExpandedImage property is now implemented properly in node level
  • ExpandedImage property always refers to web resource, although custom path has been specified
  • WebTreeView's content is now persisted correctly when postback is performed and WebTreeView is placed inside an UpdatePanel

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