DotNetRemotingPlus SDK updated

Version 5.0 adds Silverlight 3 compatibility and supports named pipes binding.
March 17, 2010 - 17:30
Feature Release

DotNetRemotingPlus SDK is a network communication component that allows for bidirectional communication. DotNetRemotingPlus supports 4 communication models: Standard Remoting, Synchronous Send,Bidirectional (Symmetrical) and Asyncronous Send. DotNetRemotingPlus SDK is extremely easy to use (only a few lines of the code are needed) and it includes many sample applications. DotNetRemotingPlus SDK features include Bidirectional communication with just one port open, accessibility for Clients behind NAT, Firewall or Proxy, TCP, HTTP, UDP, GPRS (for PDAs, Smartphones) supported protocols and more. DotNetRemotingPlus SDK compatible with Silverlight 3 and .NET CF. Runtime Royalty free.

Updates in

  • Silverlight 3 compatible
  • Supports Named Pipes Binding

About Amplefile

Amplefile is a company specializing in network communication, object serialization and component design. Most of its products were created for .NET framework.
Amplefile provides quality and affordable solutions for its customers for over five years. Unlike other software vendors Amplefile focuses on the performance and architectural simplicity of the products.


SyncClient demo project running in Visual Studio.


A generic cross platform and cross device bidirectional communication framework for .NET or Mono.

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