FinerEdge Publisher adds PLOT tags

Latest version lets you create plotting datasets from recordset data in a single tag.
April 20, 2010 - 16:21
Feature Release

FinerEdge Publisher allows you to drop dynamic publishing functionality into your applications for the automatic creation of customized and personalized product catalogs, reports, manuals, sales proposals, legal documents, and more by leveraging existing data resources and CSS/XHTML knowledge. Web-to-Print and Web based Report Writing functionality enables end-users to automatically create perfectly formatted print documents directly from their Web browsers. You can output to PDF, XPS, PostScript, RTF, HTML, XML or application direct view and print. W3C and print industry compliant.

Updates in V2.6.1.1

  • Created a seamless interface to the standard gnuplot engine for scientific plotting and business charting.
  • Implemented the new PLOT and PLOTDATA tags and associated IDE editors for the gnuplot interface. The PLOTDATA tag allows plotting datasets to be easily created from recordset data in a single tag.
  • Implemented the new FOREACH tag, which makes it much easier to quickly iterate recordsets.
  • Enhanced the FILE tag for the "New" action. Added a "temp" attribute to the FILE tag to automatically discard any temporary files created during document processing.
  • Enhanced the "format" function to easily allow a string to be constructed given positional parameters and literal text from a single invocation.
  • Added a "temp" function that returns a temporary file path name, a temporary simple file name, or the temporary directory of the machine.
  • Added a "mode" function that returns the document creation operation currently being performed.
  • Deprecated the HTML and HTMLELSE tags, which were replaced by the more flexible "mode" function.

About FinerEdge Software

FinerEdge Software, LLC is a world-class software development company with offices in Escondido, CA and Lucerne, Switzerland. We provide "Best of Class" XML-based automated publishing solutions for the creation of customized and personalized product catalogs, reports, statements, manuals, legal contracts and more. FinerEdge Publisher can be used standalone, in Web-to-Print server applications, or embedded into enterprise applications to automate the production of business documents that dynamically vary both content and layout based on the data made available from Web data input, application data input, CRM, ERP, or content management systems. FinerEdge Publisher's completely thread-safe, lean-and-mean footprint, unmatched formatting capabilities, and low total cost of ownership add significant value to any business software application, enabling you to drive costs out of manual document production.

Inserting rows into a table with FinerEdge Publisher.

FinerEdge Publisher

Add dynamic publishing to your applications and drive costs out of manual document creation.

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