USPExpress supports common math rounding

USPExpress .NET Pro SL V2.3 also adds the option to add user-defined operators, plus new properties.
May 11, 2010 - 21:02
Feature Release

USPExpress .NET Pro SL is a component aimed to parse and evaluate scientific, engineering and mathematical expressions. It is easy-to-use, fast and lightweight, yet enterprise-level expression parsing tool and you can use it in your .NET Silverlight applications. USPExpress Math Parser has an extensive set of built-in functions such as trigonometrical, logarithmical and exponential, Logical functions and more. Source code is available.

Updates in V2.3

  • New SeparatorType, ListSeparator, NumberDecimalSeparator properties
  • Common math rounding introduced as an option. E.g.: Round(2.5, 0, MathRounding) yields 3.0. (By default, bankers' rounding is still used.)
  • An option to add user-defined operators
  • "Inf" constant. Stands for "positive infinity".
  • A sample has been added to show the usage of custom "+" and "-" operators in conjunction with dates, Excel-like. Example: #12/05/2008# - (365*10/2)
  • Function context passed inside IIF calls

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UNISOFT Plus is an independent software development and research company. It offers development of software in two broad categories: diverse business applications including e-business and technical/scientific applications. The company provides also re-engineering and porting of existing legacy software to new platforms/environments. UNISOFT Plus consistently pursues its technology strategy: employing of proven industry-standard component-based technologies and implementation of multi-tier architecture of applications.

Evaluating an expression in the USPExpress sample.

USPExpress .NET Pro SL

Parse and evaluate math expressions on-the-fly.

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