Help and Manual converts from Sandcastle

Version 5.4 also features new manual designer and PDF hyperlink features.
June 08, 2010 - 16:37
Feature Release

Help and Manual is an advanced multi format help authoring tool that provides all the formatting and editing features of a modern word processor. You can output your projects to all standard Windows help formats (HTML Help, Winhelp and MS Help 2.0 / Visual Studio Help), browser-based Help, PDF and Word RTF. All output formats supported by Help and Manual are generated from the same project, you only have to edit your help and documentation once. Help and Manual Professional (XML Edition) Edition includes advanced features like Unicode Support or export/import help projects in XML format. Help and Manual is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bits). Help and Manual Premium Pack available. Help and Manual Premium Pack contains 14 professionally-designed "skins" with which you can transform the appearance of your HTML-based output with a single click.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 5.4

  • Microsoft Sandcastle: Source code documentation with Microsoft Sandcastle
    Help and Manual now imports a Sandcastle project and converts it to a Help and Manual project. You can then edit it like any normal Help and Manual project, add information, change the structure and so on. You can also publish to any of the formats supported by Help and Manual: not just CHM but PDF, Webhelp, etc. You also get Help and Manual's other features, like team authoring, conditional output, multiple builds with command line build interface and so on.
  • New manual designer
    The new Manual Designer comes with improved layout features: Now, when you move objects with the mouse, the editor automatically displays blue guide lines to help you align objects with each other. Objects automatically snap to the positions of other objects and the margins. You can now combine objects as groups and then manipulate the group like a single object. "Object anchors" now allow you to anchor each side of an object to the page borders or margins - this gives you "fluid" layouts that adapt automatically when you change the paper size or margins of your layout.
  • New PDF Features
    All objects can now be defined as PDF hyperlinks to make them clickable. The links can point to a topic, a page number or a section of the PDF manual, or to external files or a web address. Similarly, you can each section of your PDF template can now have its own editable custom entry in the "Bookmarks" table of contents in the PDF file. This means that you can add Bookmarks entries for custom pages and sections that could previously not be included, like the Index or the Contents (print-style TOC) sections.

About EC Software

EC Software was originally founded in 1993 and went a long way from the initial small one-man shop for point-of-sale software to the documentation tools specialist that it is today. With the first release of Help and Manual in 1997 the company changed its business focus to documentation software and developer tools. Today, Help and Manual is one of the best selling and most popular help authoring tools world-wide.

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