Dundas Map for .NET now supports VS2010

Version 1.5 adds support for Visual Studio 2010.
June 29, 2010 - 15:40
Feature Release

Dundas Map for .NET can be used for creating a Web or desktop application to analyze geographic data of any sort, be it regional sales in the Eastern USA, or global demand by country for your line of products etc. The exact look and feel required for any map can easily be achieved through appearance properties. Dundas Map for .NET uses built-in logic features to allow full control of map data and behavior. This intellectual capacity will ensure that generated maps provide meaningful, pertinent data based on user direction. Appearance and underlying logic of maps can be modified programmatically or using the Dundas Map Wizard. Dundas Map for .NET is compatible with Visual Studio. Includes samples for Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) and C#.

Updates in V1.5

  • Now supports Visual Studio 2010

About Dundas Data Visualization

Since 1987, Dundas Data Visualization has been helping companies across the world with its Software Development Components and Custom Development/Consulting Solutions. Its products are all designed, built and tested to meet the strictest requirements of developers looking for the highest quality third party products and custom development solutions. The company aims to help developers save time and money with elegant well thought out components This is reflected in the numerous awards that Dundas has gained throughout the years of helping developers around the globe. Dundas Data Visualization clients include most Fortune 500 companies such as GM, Microsoft, Ford, Sony and many more.

A world continents map sample displayed in Dundas Map for .NET.

Dundas Map for .NET

Effectively create and modify maps to demonstrate geographically divisible data.

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