MobileApp Studio supports iPad + iPhone

Resco MobileApp Studio 2 also adds Silverlight based controls for Windows Phone 7 support, plus new conversion tool.
September 29, 2010 - 16:07
Feature Release

Resco MobileApp Studio is a Microsoft Visual Studio based developer platform, which can be used to develop mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Tablet PC, Windows Phone 7, iPhone and iPad). It consists of suites of WinForms and Silverlight controls, together with advanced designers and tools allowing developers to quickly design and build mobile forms. Since all the controls and tools are integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, they can be easily accessed and used from this familiar development environment using programming languages, such as C# or Visual Basic .NET. iOS support is provided through the MonoTouch developer tool, extended with Resco's UI controls.

Updates in MobileApp Studio 2

Multiplatform support

  • Now supports iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Tablet PC.
  • iOS support is provided through the MonoTouch developer tool, extended with Resco MobileTouch Toolkit - Resco's UI controls.
  • Support of Windows Phone 7 is achieved by adding Resco MobileLight Toolkit - a set of Silverlight based controls.
  • Support for Android development is scheduled for end of 2010

Conversion Tool

The new conversion tool ensures that developers can continue with their previously designed controls in the new environment of Resco MobileApp Studio by importing the UI of Resco .NET CF controls. This significantly simplifies the conversion of Windows Mobile, WinCE, or Tablet PC applications to the Windows Phone 7 platform.

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About Resco

Resco has extensive experience with development of mobile applications ranging from system utilities through multimedia applications, and games to comprehensive enterprise solutions. Resco .NET controls’ design is based on this experience allowing you to easily create solutions that mobile users need.

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