Protection PLUS adds VM detection

Version adds Microsoft Hyper-V and VirtualBox virtual machine detection algorithms to SysInfo function.
January 05, 2011 - 17:29
Feature Release

Protection PLUS is a flexible software licensing toolkit that provides powerful control over creating trial versions, upgrading trials to full versions, extending trials, renting or leasing for an additional time period, and even permits turning on one or more menu options or applications in a suite. It also allows you to enable a pay-per-use event, increase or decrease a counter, or limit the number of simultaneous users on a network. Combine PLUS with SOLO Server and have a compete Electronic License Management system for your online business. The Enterprise Edition includes everything in the Professional Edition plus Multiple developer licenses, EZ-Key and more.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V4.6.0.4

Protection PLUS and Instant PLUS have been released (Please note that Instant PLUS is included with Protection PLUS.)

Updates in Protection PLUS

  • New - Added Microsoft Hyper-V and VirtualBox virtual machine detection algorithms to SysInfo function
  • Added CPCompNoXml properties to the ActiveX/.NET interfaces for use with SOLO's XML Activation Service
  • Processing an EZ Trigger trigger code now forces updating the Last Used Date/Time
  • All copy-protection functions now used cached Enhanced Computer ID data if found in the license file handle
  • Added new web service response properties to ClientServices library
  • Updated Delphi samples to resolve warnings due to Delphi 2009/2010 using Unicode strings by default
  • Updated .NET samples using the XmlActivationService via the ClientServices library for correct error handling
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect date comparison with aliases when the Last Used Date/Time was zeroed out
  • Removed support for LFOPEN_NOCACHE flag
  • Various other enhancements and fixes
  • Numerous documentation updates

Updates in Instant PLUS

  • New - Updated virtual machine detection to prevent running in Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual Box guests
  • New - /ACTAUTO command-line switch for silent online activation with SOLO Server
  • Similar to status checking, reactivation/deactivation with the XmlActivationService now deactivates the license if the installation has been revoked
  • Now displays Error 42 when using file-based license files and there are insufficient permissions to create the aliases
  • Now displays Error 9205 on the activation dialog when the system clock has been backdated
  • Fixed an issue when using the UpdateCheck web service where the "Product Name" was being checked instead of the "Product Update Name"

About Concept Software

Concept Software, Inc. is a privately held Florida-based software company with thousands of customers in more than 118 countries. It provides software and computing consulting services helping developers and companies, large or small, to realize their sales potential. Formed in 1993 by founder Mike Wozniak, Concept Software was created with the intention of bringing his proven software solutions to more people like him; developers who want to get their creations in more hands while protecting their investments in the process. Everyday the company helps others succeed by providing user friendly technologies that redefine how people license, sell, and deliver software. A testament to a job well done is now, almost two decades later the company’s first Protection PLUS and SOLO Server customers still consider these products and services to be an integral part of their operations.

Defining EZTrial properties in Protection PLUS.

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