BCGControlBar adds Toolbar Editor.

Version 16 lets you easily create and manage application toolbars.
August 01, 2011 - 10:04
Feature Release

BCGControlBar is an MFC extension library with more than 200 well designed, tested and fully documented MFC extension classes such as toolbars, menus, controls as well as customization and visualization, that can be incorporated into your application to add Office like and Microsoft Visual Studio like UI. BCGControlBar Library Professional (BCGControlBar Pro MFC) offers Office 2010 look and feel, Office 2007 (Office 12) style with Ribbon control, skinned interface, Vista Aero, Gantt and more. BCGControlBar Library Professional License includes Source Code and a free one year subscription that entitles you to e-mail technical support, patches and upgrades.

Updates in V16.0

  • Toolbar Editor - The new utility Toolbar Editor allows you easily create and manage application toolbars. You can add toolbar buttons, create and edit toolbar button images for various color modes and screen resolutions and associate buttons with command IDs.  
  • Chart Control has been extended with the following new 3D chart types:
    • Column in 3D: "Manhattan", regular (clustered), stacked, 100% stacked, ranged.
    • Surface: "regular" and "level".
    • Line in 3D: regular, stacked, 100% stacked.
    • Area in 3D: regular, stacked, 100% stacked, ranged.
    • Bar in 3D: "Manhattan", regular (clustered), stacked, ranged and 100% stacked.
  • Ribbon Bar implements the following new and updated features:
    • Ribbon Designer allows to update an existing image now.
    • Added several methods that allow to modify the existing ribbon elements:  
    • The MSAA support for the Ribbon was improved.
    • A ribbon button can be added to QAT as a checkbox or radio button. Call the new method CBCGPRibbonButton::SetQATType to specify if the ribbon button should appear on QAT as checkbox or radio button. If you're using Ribbon Designer, you can set this property in the button properties grid.  
  • Grid Control implements the following new features:
    • Multi-line text support for grid header items: word wrapping, understanding "\r\n" line breaks, multiline in-place editor, horizontal and vertical align, printing. Please take a look at BCGPGridExample to see this feature in action.
    • Added ability to subclass the default grid header by overriding the virtual GetColumnsInfo() function.
      You can learn how to extended a grid header with two header lines and merged header items in BCGPGridExample, "Multi-Line Header" tab.
    • Added ability to animate a content of a grid item  - see BCGPGridExample, "Cell Types" tab.  
  • Gauge components have the following new interactive controls:
    • Knob
    • Radial menu
    • Rotation control
    • Analog clock (in previous versions this control was implemented in example code).
    • Added gauges tooltip support.
    • Added interactive gauge support
  • Toolbars and Menus
    • Menu bar Popup mode. Now the application menu can be hidden by default and shown when the user presses Alt or F10 keys (like in Interned Explorer or Windows Explorer interface). All that you need to do to enable this feature is to call CBCGPMenuBar::EnablePopupMode(TRUE). Please run a new sample PopupMenuBar to see this feature in action.
    • New virtual method CBCGPToolbarButton::GetKeyboardAccelerator allows to customize the appearance of keyboard accelerator label.
    • CBCGPPopupMenu has a new method: GetSafeActivePopupMenu - returns the active popup menu in the current UI thread.
    • Toolbar Image editor correctly works with 32bpp toolbar images now.  
  • Docking Panes
    • CBCGPFrameWnd/CBCGPMDIFrameWnd::EnableControlBarContextMenu has a new, optional parameter 'bIncludeRebarPanes'. Setting this parameter to TRUE allows to include embedded rebar panes (such as toolbars or dialog bars) to the docking pane context menu.
    • CBCGPCaptionBar has a new method 'SetMessageBarMode'. Using this method developer can switch between "message bar" (Office 2007/2010-like) and "classic" modes at run-time.  
  • Calendar and Planner
    • Added working interval support: CBCGPPlannerManagerCtrl::SetViewHourInterval and CBCGPPlannerManagerCtrl::SetPrintHourInterval method were added.
    • Added ability to customize "Up"/"Down" icons  

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